Alpha vs Beta

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately in many guys.  They’ve become….domesticated and whipped to the point where they’re more passive than I am.  Don’t get me wrong, I want a nice gentleman, but I also want a man.  I get so many messages on OkCupid and see so many posts on Craigslist (guilty pleasure/amusement/cure for boredom, don’t judge me lol), as well as encounter guys in real life who are, quite frankly, more like women than men.  They claim that they’ll “treat me like a princess,” but I don’t want to be treated like a princess.  I want to be treated like a girlfriend/fiancé/wife who is equal to her partner; not above, not below.  I don’t need a guy to wait on me hand and foot, scurrying off to do whatever I say whenever I say it.  In fact, being a simpering pushover is one of the fastest ways to turn me off (right behind horrible grammar.  At least pretend you were awake in high school English…..)

Contrary to how I probably appear at work and on this blog, I’m actually a fairly quiet, subdued person.  Sure, when I get more comfortable with you my more aggressive/sarcastic/witty side shows, but on the whole I’m very….”proper” and “normal.”  So for me to be more aggressive than a guy is really saying something.  M describes males in terms of alpha and beta personalities.  He is most definitely an alpha.  Aggressive, dominant, confidant (to the point of arrogance at times).  Over the years he’s gradually weeded out the guys who work at LJB until the only ones left are the ones who will never challenge him on any level over anything.  They are the betas.  I need to be with an alpha (or at least with someone who has alpha-esque tendencies).  Betas bore me.  I need someone who can challenge me, who’s not afraid to tell me when I’m being bitchy, who can intimidate other guys to make them back off, and who could physically protect me if necessary.  Not that I’m anticipating any fights, but if we’re out at night or somewhere that makes me (rationally or irrationally) uncomfortable, and I have more faith in my pepper spray than in you, we have a serious problem.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too picky and I’m searching for “Prince Charming” but is it really too much to ask for a guy to be nice and yet still be a man?  I didn’t think so, but maybe it is….. or maybe it’s just NYC 😀


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