Lol, I love karma.  So two nights ago the Cardinals are playing the Reds and cream them 7-3.  Later that night the Red’s second baseman (Phillips) goes on a little tirade about how he “hates the Cardinals” and how the “Cardinals are just a bunch of whiners,” and he “could beat them standing on one leg,” etc, etc.  Hey, whatever gets his mind off the fact that his team hasn’t had a winning record in 10 years and hasn’t been to the playoffs in 15….

Fast forward to last night.  In the bottom of the first, Phillips comes up to bat and taps the Card’s catcher (Molina) on the shin.  Molina kicks the bat away, the two start yelling and shoving, and before you know it the benches and bullpens have cleared.  A whole lot of shoving follows, and the Red’s pitcher ends up kicking one of our guys in the face with his cleats.  Not cool.  Anyway, the two managers are ejected, order is restored, and the game continues.  In the top of the second, Molina hits a home run, giving STL the lead.  They cream the Reds again 8-4.  Maybe that second baseman should spend less time mouthing off and more time in the batting cages……. 😀


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