Natalie’s Visit and Home Sweet Home

I haven’t really blogged in a while; partially because I haven’t had much to say, but mainly because I’ve been really busy.  I finished up summer classes on the 12th (three classes, three A’s woohoo!) and the next day Natalie arrived.  We did a lot of touristy things while she was here: Staten Island Ferry, Empire State, Central Park, Met Museum, ice cream cones on the Coney Island Boardwalk, etc, etc, etc.  My favorite part was when we went to Caffe Palermo in Little Italy.  The cannolis were amazing, but the chocolate profiteroles were to die for. For those who don’t know, profiteroles are essentially chocolate-covered, cream-filled cream puffs.  So delicious, but so unhealthy 🙂  We also went to see Memphis on Broadway.  It wasn’t my first (or second or third) choice, but it was alright. At least we only paid $26.50 for it, thanks to student rush.

Generally when I have friends up we get a little snappy with each other after a couple days, because you can only be around someone for so long before they start to annoy you.  Amazingly, that only happened once with Natalie, when I “pressured” her into making a decision of whether she really wanted to go to the Met because we’d only have like 90 minutes there.  She gets flustered really easily (she got “overwhelmed and confused” at Gray’s Papaya for crying out loud) and she hates being forced to choose.  What’s weirder is that she dreams of living in a big city like Chicago or Boston, yet if I hadn’t been with her in NYC she would have been eaten alive because she’s been sheltered her whole life and doesn’t have a whole lot of common sense.  I know that sounds mean, but the fact remains that she has no street smarts whatsoever.  But maybe moving to a big city will be good for her because it will force her to leave some of her naivety behind….or maybe she’ll just get mugged and taken advantage of…..oy….

Anyway, I’m home now and loving it.  My little sis is soooo cute, and the brothers are a little less obnoxious than I remember lol.  Me and mom are doing a road trip thing tomorrow to Springfield; it’ll be nice to have a girl’s morning out.  I do miss NY a little (mainly Central Park) but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to moving back home in December.  NYC will always have a special place in my heart, but just because I like parts of it doesn’t mean I need to live there.  I’ll admire it through rose-colored glasses from afar and visit a couple times a year 😉


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