I read an article recently on Yahoo!Shine about how the brains of men just aren’t wired to allow them to experience many emotions simultaneously.  They might feel two (mayyybe three) at a time, and aren’t able to think logically when upset (which is why so many of them think that tears= automatically irrational).  At the moment I envy them, because right now I am:

-Sad that I had to leave home and come back to NY

-Comforted by the return to my old daily routines

-Excited to start my last semester of undergrad

-Anxious about all the group projects I know are coming

-Annoyed that my grade from last spring still isn’t fixed and I have to meet with the prof  who said he’d write me a recommendation letter in April

Looking forward to being in Montreal in two weeks

-Nervous about having to start applying for real jobs, real soon


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