Welcome Back….

Oh man, I cannot wait until I don’t have to live with roommates anymore.  My first Saturday back (my first day back, actually, since I didn’t get in until evening yesterday) and my roommates are having a bbq/let’s get drunk and play beer pong party.  At least I knew about this one ahead of time because J “asked for permission,” but it’s not like I could have told her no because we pay the same rent, so she has the same right to have people over that the rest of us do.  I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t intrude on my space, but I find it annoying when the throngs surrounding the beer pong table block the way to the stairs (and therefore to my room) and are too drunk to move when I say “excuse me,” so I have to practically shove them out of the way.  And you can forget about going downstairs to the bathroom or kitchen.  And then there’s the whole thing of sound travelling up the stairs and through my door so I much listen to my tv with headphones or not be able to hear it at all, even at the highest volume.  Considering I was planning on waiting out the party by watching a couple movies and/or episodes of Mad Men, this is inconvenient, to put it lightly.  Sigh.  Four more months…..


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