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Last semester I got a B- in one of my classes and have been trying ever since to get in contact with the prof so I could look at my final, because I would have had to fail the final to get that grade, and I was pretty sure I didn’t.  My emails and calls went unanswered from June until the beginning of August, when he finally responded, but only to say that he was going to be away from Baruch until the end of August.  I said that was fine (what else could I say?) and started trying to contact him again once fall semester started.    No response.  I actually had to skip class this past Monday in order to stake out his class and catch him after.  He told me to come in before his Wednesday class (something which would require me to leave work about 90 minutes earlier than usual).  So I show up at his office, and his assistant tells me that he’s already in the other building preparing for his 5:50 class.  Now I’m a little pissed as I stalk over to the other building because it’s not like I just showed up at his office; he told me to be there.  But he looks like he feels bad and I know from experience that he’s forgetful, so I calm down when he tells his assistant to show me my final and get everything ready in case my grade needs changed.  As I thought, I didn’t fail the final.  I got a B (and it was only that low because I forgot the study guide at home the day of) and he’s changing my grade from a B- to a B+.  It’s not the A I wanted because he said I was too quiet, but it’s a 3.3 instead of a 2.7 against my GPA.  Now the only issue is making sure he doesn’t forget to change it…..

PS:  As we were talking he actually had the nerve to ask why I had taken so long to get in touch with him.  I was a bit taken aback and was just like “I’ve been busy,” but I really wanted to say “I’ve been trying since the beginning of June!”


Sometimes I’m a little hasty when it comes to judging new things.  Case in point: yoga.  A few weeks ago I wrote about how I’d tried both yoga and meditation, and ended up not liking yoga.  But I think the problem was that I just didn’t have the right instructor.  The girl I was trying to follow promoted her videos as introductory, but they should have been labelled advanced.  I found another instructor on YouTube, Tara Stiles, who is amazing.  She’s extremely strong and flexible, and her videos are challenging without being impossible.  Her workouts are between 5 and 10 minutes, each focusing on something different, so you can really customize what works for you. In just three weeks of doing about 20 minutes of yoga a day, my flexibility has already greatly increased and I can see the results in my arms.  I guess there is something to this yoga thing after all 🙂

It’s been a long summer……

Guess what started this week?  Pre-season hockey!  I’ve been waiting for this for a longgggg time.  Ever since the Cardinals imploded in August, I’ve been counting down the days until hockey season.  And it’s awesome!  Let’s go Rangers!


Soooo….I go home last night and there’s a clear vase on the kitchen counter with water in it.  I don’t really take notice because my roommates move things around all the time.  Then I notice there are little tiny orange flakes on the counter.  Again, since my roommates rarely clean up after themselves (which is disgusting, btw), not too odd.  But then I follow the flakes back to a little container of fish food.  And now I’m even more grossed out and confused.  Why is there fish food on my counter?  Then I look back at the vase and lo and behold…..there’s a fish in it.  A fish.  In a vase.  On my kitchen counter.  Surrounded by tiny flakes of fish food.  Am I the only one weirded/grossed out by that…..?

Report card so far

School is killer this semester.  Last week I was exhausted by Friday.  This week I’m exhausted today.  It’s not even that there’s a lot of work (there is), it’s just that I get home late and wake up early and just thinking about everything I have to read/do on the weekends mentally exhausts me.  Luckily work is slow, so I can do some things here, but it’s still tiring.  Butttt… least my classes don’t completely suck:

BPL 5100 aka Strategic Management

I love this class so far.  It has the most work and is the most challenging, but it’s awesome.  I lucked out on my group and cannot wait to start the super competitive GLO-BUS simulation.  The only thing I don’t like is that it’s ranked grading (aka only one group gets an A, but others can get an A- or B), but the competitive cut-throat side of me is very excited.  And while the 45 minute presentation seems a little daunting at first glance, with the four of us working on it, it should be a breeze.  Now if only the touchy-feely Israeli kid would leave me alone….I don’t need another stalker…..

Mgmt 4480 aka Conflict Management

Not a fan of this one.  The professor acts like a kindergarten teacher and treats us like we’re five. Except for when he curses, which I don’t enjoy.  He makes us do role plays (another thing I dislike) and repeats the same thing over and over and over.  At least there aren’t any papers or group projects.

Mgmt 4460 aka Labor Relations Management

I had the prof who teaches this over the summer.  He’s nice and his courses are easy, but he’s soooo boring to listen to.  Then again, maybe that’s because I detest unions and have no interest in going into labor relations. I just have to know how to deal with them because they’re here whether I like them or not.

Eco 4100 aka Advanced Micro Economics

Considering that we’d done very little math in my other four economics courses, I was not prepared for the onslaught of calculus from day one, but I’ve adjusted, and now that it’s all coming back to me, the class isn’t so bad.  It’s not as exciting as some other economics classes, but it could be wayyyy worse.

Mgmt 4430 aka Employee Development and Training

The prof’s a little bitchy towards anyone who doesn’t listen, but I prefer her lecture-focused approach to the role play approach of 4480 prof.  However, a group project is 45% of our grade and I’d been trying to get my group together for a week with no response until literally an hour ago.  And there’s still one member who’s trying to play the “I’m a single mom so my time is way more important than your time” card.  She even suggested that me and this other girl skip class to accommodate her schedule. Ummmm no.  As if that wasn’t enough, none of my group mates seem too bright….Oh well, I’d rather have a bad group in this class than a bad one in BPL 5100.

TDIP lol