Four out of five ain’t bad

Generally, I have one or two classes I really like per semester, a couple others I’m indifferent about, and another one or two I really don’t like.  First impressions might be wrong, but as of right now I have four that I like and only one that I don’t.  Ironically, all of the classes I have a good feeling about have a lot of group work, which I strongly dislike.  The one I don’t like (advanced microeconomics) is the only one with no group work, but it involves a lot of calculus, which more than counteracts that benefit.  Calc isn’t hard, but I haven’t done it since senior year of high school and I thought I was done.  Plus, the prof seems like the type who assumes that we all have PhDs in Economics, so why should he have to explain anything?…. 😦

It’s weird: I’ve found that my feelings on economics are directly correlated with my feelings about the prof.  With Prof Joyce and Prof Gold, I loved economics.  I couldn’t get enough.  With my other profs, I was indifferent at best.  It’s still my minor because I know that I have the capacity to love it and I do find it interesting, it’s just depressing that one person can change the subject soooo much…


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