You’ve *got* to be kidding me

So, I was supposed to meet with the professor who promised to write me a recommendation letter yesterday.  I wasn’t very excited since I’d pretty much given up on him and figured this was just more stalling.  On my lunch break, I perused the MBA requirements at a couple of the universities I’d be interested in attending and guess what?  One refuses to take any recommendation letters and the other wants two, one of which must be professional, but the other of which can be from anyone.  Know what that means?  I don’t need a recommendation letter from a professor!  I emailed the prof and told him that I wouldn’t be able to make it because I was home sick (hey, white lies never hurt….and I was feeling a bit under the weather lol) and that I’d decided not to go to graduate school right after I graduate because I wanted to get some experience first, so I didn’t need the letter after all.  Thank goodness I added that second part because as I’m walking  to my 7:35pm class guess who I happen to pass on the street corner?!  I tried to duck away, but he saw me and called me over.  He asked if I felt better and I played it off as ‘not really, but I have to go to this class,’ and then we chatted for a minute about my decision not to go to grad school right away (which I’d never been planning on doing in the first place) and I thanked him again for offering to write the letter.  He didn’t seem to catch on that I had lied, or if he did, he wasn’t bothered.  I don’t see why he would care.  He had to be in his office anyway because he had a class before and after when we were supposed to meet, I emailed him with enough notice, and now he doesn’t have to write a recommendation letter for a student he barely remembers.  Mentally, he was probably thanking me 😀


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