1. One year ago, I was drinking black tea with six spoons of sugar per 8-10 ounces of tea.  Sometime in the winter, I decided to slice that amount in half.  Over time, I got down to 1.5 spoons, but I decided a couple weeks ago to cut out the sugar completely.  I thought it would take a long time to adjust, but I actually really like the taste of tea.  You don’t realize until you drink it without sugar, but even the littlest bit of sugar really over powers the subtle taste of tea—you’re basically drinking sugar water. Yuck.

2. I’ve passed two years of living on my own in the City (I came here at the beginning of August 2008—August 6th, I think) and am approaching two years at LJB.  How time flies…..

3. The old bitter woman I work with has cancer.  I don’t know the details, but since she plans to be back in a few weeks, I assume it’s operable and not life-threatening.  I almost feel bad for not feeling bad for her, but she’s a nasty, bitter woman who purposefully tries to make the lives of the people around her miserable.  It’s karma, as far as I’m concerned.  Since she’s been gone, it’s been soooo quiet and peaceful and productive.  I wish the bosses would grow spines and “convince” her to retire for her health….and ours…..

4.  I forgot to text EK on her birthday and she got madddd at me.  Well, not mad mad, but she def noticed. I guess the fact that I don’t make a big deal out of my own b-day makes me forget that some other people do.

5.  The Cardinals disappointed me big time this season.  Unless they suddenly do a lot of winning and other teams do a lot of losing, they’re not getting to the post season.  That almost never happens.  Thank goodness I can soon immerse myself in hockey and forget that this baseball season ever happened.

6.  Montreal in a week!!!!  I can’t wait!

7.  JChin is so gullible.  This morning I decided to put a cheap-ish looking ring on my left ring finger and try to convince JChin that it was a promise ring from a guy in Illinois.  She didn’t exactly believe me, but she was clearly unsure.  M was cracking up and the only reason she found out the truth was that when she asked for a last name I gave one of our more obscure client’s names, just to see if she would notice.  Amazingly, she did 😀

8.  The office is being half-demolished in a couple months in order to shift people around and get more storage space.  SJG is finally getting his own office in the back…..right next to Rachel!  He spent five minutes with the architect making sure that his door will open towards the front, not towards Rachel’s cubicle lol.


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  1. kive87 Says:

    loooooooool at SJG

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