Stalking 101

EK would be proud of my stalking ability.  This morning SER came over with a name, address, and disconnected phone number from 2001, told me he needed a current address, and within one hour, I had it 🙂  It was really easy, actually.  After the standard Googling/Facebooking yielded nothing, I went to Zillow to see if the house had been sold after 2001.  It had, so next I turned to the public records of NJ and found out she lived in PA, just over the border.  A $0.95 charge on SER’s credit card later (apparently NJ doesn’t know the meaning of “free” public records, which was what it advertised) and we had what we needed.  Who knew stalking was so easy? And it just came so naturally too….. lol


One Response to “Stalking 101”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Hahaha so proud! You shouldn’t told me I have a program with free public records from school!

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