Last semester I got a B- in one of my classes and have been trying ever since to get in contact with the prof so I could look at my final, because I would have had to fail the final to get that grade, and I was pretty sure I didn’t.  My emails and calls went unanswered from June until the beginning of August, when he finally responded, but only to say that he was going to be away from Baruch until the end of August.  I said that was fine (what else could I say?) and started trying to contact him again once fall semester started.    No response.  I actually had to skip class this past Monday in order to stake out his class and catch him after.  He told me to come in before his Wednesday class (something which would require me to leave work about 90 minutes earlier than usual).  So I show up at his office, and his assistant tells me that he’s already in the other building preparing for his 5:50 class.  Now I’m a little pissed as I stalk over to the other building because it’s not like I just showed up at his office; he told me to be there.  But he looks like he feels bad and I know from experience that he’s forgetful, so I calm down when he tells his assistant to show me my final and get everything ready in case my grade needs changed.  As I thought, I didn’t fail the final.  I got a B (and it was only that low because I forgot the study guide at home the day of) and he’s changing my grade from a B- to a B+.  It’s not the A I wanted because he said I was too quiet, but it’s a 3.3 instead of a 2.7 against my GPA.  Now the only issue is making sure he doesn’t forget to change it…..

PS:  As we were talking he actually had the nerve to ask why I had taken so long to get in touch with him.  I was a bit taken aback and was just like “I’ve been busy,” but I really wanted to say “I’ve been trying since the beginning of June!”


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