You’ve got to be kidding….

Saturday night I was watching the hockey game when my roommate L brings home a friend who greets me with a loud, peppy “Hello!” I just kind of mumbled “hello” back because 1) I don’t talk to my roommate, why would I want to talk to my roommate’s friends?; 2) I just wanted to watch the game in peace; and 3) the two of them coming home had interrupted my yoga, so I was feeling a little annoyed.

Anyway, then L starts talking to me and is like “I’m going to have some people over for like an hour, then we’re going to go, okay?” I’m just like whatever, because I don’t really care (except that I’ll have to vacate the living room and finish watching the game later because I don’t feel like mingling with her friends), and I go upstairs. She and her friends are at the apartment getting ready to go out for 2 hours. By getting ready I mean that the girls are trashing the bathroom and talking about how slutty their outfits look (their words, not mine) and the guys are pregaming with tequila. They finally leave and I head back down to the disaster zone to finish the game and go to bed.

I got woken up at 6 am by my roommate and her drunken friends, to my annoyance. When I got up a couple hours later, I found two drunk chicks passed out in my living room, and the bottom lock of the door was broken. Like, the part of the knob where you lock it on the inside was just gone. L tried to play it off like she had no idea what happened, but said that she’d pay for it. Riiiight….you have no idea how it broke, but you’re willing to pay to fix it…… So she says that one of her friends is a locksmith and he’ll come fix it later. When I go to bed it’s still broken, but when I wake up the next morning, this is what I find:

W.T.F. I could have done that. Luckily it was actually fixed fixed by the time I got home last night but I mean, seriously. What is wrong with people?


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