I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past couple months applying to jobs, and one thing which still surprises/annoys me is the redundancy of many of these systems. One of the first things you do is upload a resume, but then, during the process, they make you enter in all of your education, work history, and skills.  What is even the point of the resume if you’re just going to have to enter all the information manually? I suppose you have to enter the data again so they can run it through their computer system and kick it out if it doesn’t have the exact keywords they’re looking for (a stupid method if you ask me, because certain words can mean basically the same as others, but only one word might be in the system.  You can take cues from the job ad, but even that only gets you so far).  The resume, then, is apparently just for them to print out if they decide to give you an interview.  But still, the redundancy is annoying.

I thought this job search thing would really stress me out, but I’m surprisingly serene about it all.  I think that’s because I know I’ll have food and a place to live, and if worse comes to worse, I have a 99% chance of being able to get my theater job back while I search for something better.  Coming to the City was the complete opposite and I guess I figure that after that, this is nothing to be stressing over.  It also helps that I’m not really expecting to find anything until I move back, so even though I’m applying to jobs every day, I expect the email that says they’re pursuing other candidates, so it doesn’t upset me.  It’s their loss anyway 😉


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