I never understood before why people don’t vote.  I mean, this whole country is based on the idea of democracy (even though we’re clearly a republic) and the people choosing their leaders and having a voice, etc, etc.  But as midterm elections roll around next week, I find myself among those sitting out.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Democrat, but I’m a moderate on most things (except abortion and LGBT rights, which I have the most liberal view possible on) and President Obama, who ran as a more moderate progressive, is actually very, very liberal, and I’m feeling a bit disenchanted with him at the moment, so his calls to action are doing nothing for me.  As far as the Congress, I’m not too happy with them either.  Both sides seem more interested in playing politics than actually accomplishing anything.  Granted, they did pass the stimulus (which was needed), financial reform (very, very needed) and comprehensive health care (which I’m iffy about.  I like many parts of it, but as a capitalist, dislike the idea of having to pay for the health care for the obese, smokers, alcoholics, and other at-will high-risk groups).  Idk, I think I’m just so sick of politicians that no matter what they had passed I still wouldn’t feel motivated to vote.  All they do (both sides) is bitch and moan about the other side.  While some arguments may be true and I do see the Democratic POV much more often than the Republican one, I really just want to scream at them: “You are adults. Damn well act like it!”


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