Catching Up

I keep getting ideas for blogs, but I never have the motivation to write.  Damn school…..anyway, quick catching up time:

1.  Poor Turkey Day.  I had to go buy a suit at Macy’s this weekend and they were all decked out and ready for Christmas.  I’m talking trees, garland, Christmas music, the works.  It’s only the beginning of November…..

2.  Weird people hang out at my school on Saturday mornings.  I was standing outside waiting for my group members when this old guy (50s-ish) with horrible teeth came up randomly with his hand up for a high-five.  Then he started going on and on about how “he missed me.  How’s life?  I miss you.  I still love you.  Have a good day.  I still love you.”  Wtf, I don’t even know who you are…

3. I’m a little iffy about sharing this one, but since only a couple people actually know me I might as well ,since it’s bothering me….So…my dad might have to have heart surgery.  My parents have known for over a week, but decided to tell me in passing yesterday during our weekly call that he has to go back to the cardiologist tomorrow.  Apparently he was born with a hole in his heart that has started giving him some issues all of a sudden and they can’t decide if he needs to have surgery right now or if it can wait until after the family vacation to Florida (yes, this is what my father is worried about, because Disney is just that important…..).  Personally I’d rather they wait until January just so I can be home to help out.

4. I’m going to EK’s house for Thanksgiving again this year and I can’t wait!  For one thing, I haven’t seen her in like forever, and, for another, her mom is an awesome cook!

5.  I got an email from my school today advertising winter session as a “staycation.”  Seriously?


One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. kive87 Says:

    1. Stores have been selling Christmas decorations since October…I know because I had to go look for materials to make fringe for my Halloween costume.

    2. At least he still loves you.

    3. Oh man that’s rough but if he’s been ok all this time I’m sure he’ll be ok after the surgery.

    4. Weee

    5. Eww

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