Bad with the Good

My roommate had sent an email a couple weeks ago asking when everyone was available for a house meeting to talk about a cleaning schedule.  I ignored the email—something I rarely do—because a) we’ve tried cleaning schedules before, they don’t work; and b) right now I’m focused on finishing school.  Working out a cleaning schedule for a place I’m moving out of in six weeks (omg, that’s really soon!) is not a top priority.  She never emailed again, so I figured that was that.


Well, I get home yesterday and walk in to the smell of lemony-freshness.  Apparently someone cleaned the entire apartment (well, common areas, anyway).  The kitchen, bathroom, and living room were almost spotless.  I figured it was probably J’s cousin, who had come over to clean before.  Hey, as long as I wasn’t going to be expected to pay for this service I didn’t ask for, I was happy.


But, that happiness quickly turned to annoyance when I opened the fridge.  Apparently whoever it was had cleaned that out too, but no one bothered to tell them that we don’t all share food, so the fact that there might be two of something DOES NOT mean that you throw one of the two things away.  Luckily the things I lost were all cheap: a nearly empty (but not all the way empty!) tub of butter that I planned on using last night for dinner, a ¼ of a jar of applesauce which I use instead of oil when baking, and a cucumber.  This last thing puzzled me the most.  I can kind of understand why someone might throw away the butter and the applesauce, as they were almost empty, but this was a whole cucumber.  How can you just throw away a whole cucumber?  I don’t get it……


And then the person had put away all the dishes in the wrong place so I had to hunt for my bowl and plate (and I still haven’t found some of my silverware), and the ovenmitts have disappeared.  It was sooooo frustrating.  It’s like, I do appreciate that the house is clean (for the moment.  It won’t take my roommates long to destroy it again) but at the same time it’s really annoying.  Oh well, guess I have to take the bad to get the good…..


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