The past hour has been one big adrenaline rush.  I’ve been applying to dozens of jobs over the past couple months, but didn’t receive any positive calls back…..until today.  I got a call at 11:30ish from a woman wanting to set up a phone interview. The position was for a legal assistant at a corporate headquarters in STL. She said the only time she had available was 3:30-4.  Now, I had a final at 4:10, but said yes anyway because a) Why would I turn down an interview just because it might be cutting it close if it ran over? and b) the prof is cool and would have been fine with me being late if I told him why.


So I left work a little early to find a quiet place in one of the buildings to prepare myself and wait.  At 3:34, I realized something.  3:30 STL time is 4:30 NYC time……  After muttering a few….colorful words, I rush over to the VC building to try to find my prof and see if I can start the final early.  He says that he “has to go to his office, but will be down so that we can all start early.”  He shows up at 4:05. I’m finished with the 54 MC  question final and back up on the seventh floor of the other (quieter) building by 4:22.  Yep, I was pretty impressed with myself.  Luckily he had pretty much read the final to us during the review and I know I did fine, but the adrenaline was still pumping.


The woman calls back right on time.  It’s an HR person who is just going to take notes on some of my answers and forward them to the hiring manager in the legal department.  I was kind of nervous (who wouldn’t be?) but I felt prepared and took some deep breaths and just went with it.  It wasn’t so bad, but I hate when they ask for specific examples of things because it’s sooooo hard to explain a specific project I had trouble with when the other person knows nothing about real estate tax law.  My answers weren’t perfect, but they could have been much worse.  At least I was able to come up with examples.  The whole thing was over and done in 15 minutes.


Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to get called in for the face-to-face interview.  Based on the job description, they want someone with more general legal experience.  You know, contracts and legal research and such.  I spun my LJB duties as much as I could (hey, I have had to look through those huge RPTL books and read cases for the attorneys), but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to convince them that I can learn whatever I need to.  But, we’ll see.  Fingers crossed, and here’s hoping this isn’t the only company that calls me back lol


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