Devil Cat

This picture is a picture of the one we call “Devil Cat.”  Now, I know what you’re thinking:  Look how cute he is, how could he be anything but absolutely precious?  I thought the same thing the first time I saw him, but within two minutes of letting him out of his cage, I discovered that he is pure evil.

My parents brought him home in September.  He was abandoned so he’s a bottle baby, which means he is spoiled rotten.  He’s a bundle of energy and loves to play, but my cat is old and fragile, and Charlie hates him.  Hates him.  But that doesn’t stop little Albert.  He will jump on both cats and bite them (in a playful way, but it’s still biting).  My poor cat can’t do anything to defend himself.  Charlie just hisses and runs away.  And Albert is not exactly the brightest bulb in the box.  We scruff him and yell when he bites the cats or us, but he just doesn’t get that it’s not okay.  We might send him to live with one of my mom’s coworkers for a couple weeks, because she has a female cat who will, as my mom puts it, “beat the crap out of him,” if he doesn’t stop biting.

Right now he’s curled up on my lap sleeping like a little angel.  You see, when he’s tired, he’s just as precious as he looks.  But when he wakes up in a couple hours, the halo is going to be replaced once again with horns…..


One Response to “Devil Cat”

  1. kive87 Says:

    But he’s shooo cute!!!

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