Disney Mania

My sister is really into Disney princesses right now.  I mean really into them.  She liked them before we went to Disney, but she loves them now.  Oddly enough, she hates watching new movies, so whenever my mom and I would try to get her to watch a princess movie, she would be vehemently against it.  My mom finally just put in Snow White, and the kid fell in love. She watched it every single day for like four weeks (it started before I came home).  Then a week or so ago I told her we were going to watch Sleeping Beauty on my laptop.  She was against it (as usual) but fell in love with that one too.  She’s watched it three times in a week and would have watched it more if I let her.  I also made her fall in love with Cinderella.  It’s kind of amusing how into it she is.


I myself hadn’t watched the old Disney movies for years, and I was a little surprised by all the sexism (though it was to be expected in the 50s).  I also thought it was comical how the prince and the princess just fall in love by looking at each other and are willing to fight to the death to see each other again even if they’ve barely spoken.  The poor kid thinks its all real though, and goes on long lectures about Prince Charming and “love’s first kiss” and “happily ever after.”  I wonder if all the women who are never happy with their partners are the ones who bought into Disney and have never let go…..


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