TV Addicts

I don’t understand people who are addicted to television.  Don’t get me wrong, there are several shows I like to watch, but I’m far from addicted.  Sometimes I’ll have to spend a weekend catching up on 6 or 7 episodes of my favorite show because I didn’t feel like spending time watching it earlier.  And while I love sports, I don’t tune out the entire outside world when I watch.  I thought my family was the same, but apparently they’re typical American tv addicts.


My parents and brothers really like this comedian’s show.  I don’t know who it is and I don’t particularly care; I’m not one for stand up shows.  He has some good jokes, but I can think of many other things I’d rather do than watch him.  So the four of them (mom, dad, and 2 brothers) are watching a dvd of this guy, and I have to ask them a question about an errand they want me to run so they don’t have to leave, and they act all annoyed that I dared to interrupt their precious tv time for even two seconds.  If it had stopped at that, I wouldn’t be bothering to blog, but then they started snapping at my little sister, who is too young to get most of the jokes, so she gets bored watching.  She had decided to do her nightly chore instead–unloading the silverware from the dishwasher–and went to go tell my brother that he could do the rest when he was ready.  First my brother snapped at her, then my parents–who I expected to yell at my brother for being so unnecessarily rude– practically yelled at her that he “would do it when he was done watching” and that she “needed to be quiet and go somewhere else so they could watch.”


I was like wtf?  Are you seriously yelling at your little four year old because she was telling her brother that she had done her chores and he could do his?  She wasn’t running and jumping around and being a nuisance and she’s been good all day (I should know, since I was the one watching her, not them), so was that response really called for?  She got all upset and I had to calm her down and take her to my room to play a game.  Luckily things like this are not a normal occurrence in my house (that I know of anyway…) but it’s kind of scary that there are a bunch of households where it is.  I feel bad for those kids whose parents choose mindless television over their own flesh and blood…..


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