Divided Loyalty

We have three cats at home; two of them are mine.


Halifax (aka “My Old Man”) is, as his nickname suggests, very old.  We got him in 2000 when he was about six or seven years old, so he’s getting really close to the end of his life.  He still eats and he’s still happy, but he’s a crotchety thing and you can’t help but feel sorry for him.


Albert (aka “Devil Cat” or “Evil Kitten”) is, as his nicknames suggest, pretty much pure evil.  He’s bonded with me and we get along.  But he loves to torture my poor Halifax, who is too old to defend himself.  When I say torture, I mean that he pins him down and bites him.  With Hali’s old, painful joints, it’s a much worse experience for him than when Albert tries to do the same to our other cat, who’s only 8 years old and capable of taking care of himself.


To say my parents don’t like Albert would be an understatement.  Not only does he hurt Halifax, but he’ll bite the kids if they bother him too much.  I’m the only reason he’s not at the Humane Society, as I agreed to keep either him or Hali in my room when I’m not home to babysit (he knows better than to bother Halifax and rarely does if I’m in the room).


I know I should be mad at Albert too, since Halifax has been with me longer and is frankly much nicer, but I just can’t.  I mean, it’s not Albert’s fault that he was abandoned as a kitten and therefore had to be brought up bottle fed.  That, in addition to him not having a mom to smack him around when he misbehaved, led to him becoming a spoiled brat.  It’s also not his fault that’s he a kitten, and therefore energetic.  His behavior with Halifax started with him trying to play and then becoming frustrated when Hali couldn’t.


With his inability to get along with other cats and his dislike for kids, I don’t think Albert would be able to find a good, stable home with anyone else, and I can’t stand the thought of him being put down for behavior that, while often completely annoying, is not really his fault.  Anyway, he’ll calm down when he’s neutered and out of his kitten phase, so I would never be able to justify sending him away just because I don’t want to wait another year, especially when he’ll be moving out with me when as soon as I get a job and then an apartment.


But I still can’t help but feel sorry for my poor old Hali…..


Road Trip

I try not to blog about my job search because a) It depresses me, and b) I know it’s hardly an interesting topic to anyone else.  But on Friday, I proved that no one can say I’m not willing to do what I have to to get a job.


See, I’ve been applying for a lot of admin positions in addition to management and various other positions, because I figure I’m more likely to get hired for admin.  I got a call on Thursday from a company in Chicago I’d applied to, wanting to know if I could make it in for an interview the following day.  The job wasn’t one I particularly wanted (if I got it, I’d continue looking for other work) but the salary was okay and the company was large, so I said alright.  I drove my dad to work at 7am on Friday, and by 7:45 I was on my way to Chicago.  For those who don’t know, it’s like a five hour drive…..Anyway, I got there at 1 with no problems, wandered around, had my interview at 2, and was heading back to St. Louis by 3.  Ten hours in a car all for a half hour first interview for a job I’m overqualified for and probably won’t get…..see, I’m nothing if not dedicated 😉


PS:  IL is soooo boring to drive through.  The most exciting part of the whole trip were the wind turbine farms about an hour outside of Chicago, and they were only “exciting” because they weren’t flat….


PPS: NYC spoiled me.  When I saw the Chicago skyline from the highway, my first thought was “that’s it?”

Trivia Night

So I got a call from E yesterday……for the first time in over two months.  See, we’d been growing apart for a while and things just weren’t clicking the way they used to, so after a kind of awkward and distant (on her part) Christmas break get-together, I decided to let her be the one to contact me, if she wanted to.  She wanted me to go to a trivia night with her, her family, and some family friends.  I am not one for trivia nights, but I decided to go anyway, since she was only in town the one day and I hadn’t seen her in practically forever.


After a bit of a shaky start (nothing big, just me getting annoyed at her going on and on about how much free time I must have and not believing that looking for a job actually takes a lot of time and effort….) things went okay.  The trivia night was alright (I actually knew some of the answers and the food was good) and we got to chat a little. I went over to her house for like an hour afterwards so we could catch up some more.


She’s still kind of distant with me.  When I asked about her roommates or bf (or pretty much anything really),  I felt like a parent talking to a teenager because of all her short, concise answers with no real depth or counter questions.   We talked about other stuff too, like looking for jobs and yoga and our old friends, but it definitely didn’t feel like I was talking to the person who had been my bff for close to ten years.  It was tres weird……

I Need a Doctor

I never watch award shows, but I kept my door open to hear the Grammys my mom was watching last night specifically so I could see Eminem.  His performance with Dr Dre and Skylar Grey was amazing.

Classy vs Trashy

Ever since I moved back, my friend K has been bugging me to go out drinking with her and her friends.  I went out one time, but the bar sucked, the drinks sucked, and one of her guy friends would not leave me alone.  Now I tell her that, while I’d like to hang out, I don’t want to deal with the parents the next morning (they think I’m still in high school half the time).  But the truth of the matter is that I’ve looked at her pictures on facebook and listened to her stories, and just find that her idea of a “fun night out” does not seem fun at all to me.


Let’s take EK as a contrasting example.  When she and her friends go out, they get all dolled up and go to these exclusive lounges where supposedly you have to look hot to get in (although I think that rule only applies to girls, bc I’ve seen some of the guys in the pics and they are soooo not hot, so they must be rich instead….).  They drink champagne and liquor and more….high end drinks than something like beer.  So even though they’ll probably also get wasted, at least they do it in a very classy way, rocking sky high stilettos and everything.


K and company are like the total opposites.  I hate beer.  Can’t stand it.  K used to be the same, but said that she was forced to acquire a taste for it because it was so cheap at the bars.  Okay, the first thing I thought of was: what does price matter?  You’re a girl, since when are you supposed to buy your own drinks?  Maybe the first one, but after that, no.  The second thing I thought was: are you seriously going out to dive bars to get trashed?  Have you no pride.  Granted, the STL scene is no NYC, but I’m sure there have got to be one or two more high-end lounges around the richer areas.  Or at least go to one of the clubs, not just a bar.  And then I look at what she and her friends are wearing and just shudder.  Most of the time they’re in completely casual clothes and make up that they probably wore to class or running errands.  Umm, what’s the point of going out if you’re not going to at least dress up a little?


But I think what turns me off the most is that they act like….well, typical college kids.  After getting drunk they’ll do things like going out into the snow with their shirts off to make snow angels, then post videos of the experience on facebook.  Idk, it just all seems a bit juvenile to me….

Just Breathe

It’s amazing how something we take for granted, something we do every second of every day, can bring us back from the edge.  As some of you may know, I’ve been unemployed since the end of December (you have no idea how much I HATE having to say that I’m unemployed), and have been frantically job searching ever since.  There are many jobs I’m either under or over qualified for, so I’m not too surprised that I’ve only gotten a couple calls back and no offers, but that doesn’t keep me from feeling utterly frustrated.  I understand not getting the jobs that I’m under-qualified for, but if I’m applying for a job I’m over-qualified for, why wouldn’t they at least give me a chance?  I know they figure they’d have to pay me more than some other candidates, but unless they ask, how will they know what I’m willing to accept?  Sigh.  Sorry for that rant….


Anyway, back to the point.  The frustration built up this morning.  Another Friday means another week without a job.  It started really getting to me,  but I couldn’t exactly let it show because mom and the boys were home (teacher’s institute).  So I just closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths.  And suddenly, I was calm again.  Amazing how that works 🙂

Curve Ball

I’ve spent every weekday since January 3rd constantly online applying for jobs.  One of the several I applied for yesterday was a position as basically an administrative person at this insurance company.  Well, I finished their little online survey and was told that because of my responses, they would not be pursuing me as a candidate, but would keep my resume on file, blah blah blah.  I was ticked because the only question I didn’t answer ‘yes’ to was “Do you have three or more years experience in the insurance industry?”  I couldn’t believe that they would refuse to even look at my resume just because I didn’t have experience that wasn’t even relevant to the job (according to the job description anyway.)


I also couldn’t believe when I got an email from one of their recruiters on the east coast just a few hours later, asking for a writing sample by 5pm tomorrow.  I sent it back late this morning, and received a response back immediately, asking when I would have time for a phone interview.  I said anytime, and she said “okay, call you in 30 minutes!”  I started stressing out a bit because I wasn’t prepared for an interview.  I didn’t know much about their company, and their website was confusing (she herself said that when I asked for more information about the company), and I hadn’t mentally prepped and reviewed answers to general questions.   But I made myself some tea, did some deep breathing, and calmly google searched and reviewed until she called promptly half an hour later.


The phone interview itself was alright…..better than the Purina one, but not so good as the CT one.  Several of the questions were worded oddly and I’m pretty sure there were a couple where I didn’t give her the answer she was looking for, but it was the last one that really threw me.  She introduced it as being a “curve ball,” and then asked “if you could be any household appliance, what would you be?”  I wanted to answer “wtf does that have to do with the job?” but I asked for a minute to think about it and then just bs-ed an answer.   I hate when interviewers ask questions like this that have no bearing on my ability to perform the job.  It’s like, why don’t we just focus on my qualifications, hmm?


Anyway, now she’ll (probably) forward my resume and writing sample to the guy in St. Louis, and he’ll decide if he wants to interview me.  I hope he does, but I also know not to be too optimistic.  Sigh.