Curve Ball

I’ve spent every weekday since January 3rd constantly online applying for jobs.  One of the several I applied for yesterday was a position as basically an administrative person at this insurance company.  Well, I finished their little online survey and was told that because of my responses, they would not be pursuing me as a candidate, but would keep my resume on file, blah blah blah.  I was ticked because the only question I didn’t answer ‘yes’ to was “Do you have three or more years experience in the insurance industry?”  I couldn’t believe that they would refuse to even look at my resume just because I didn’t have experience that wasn’t even relevant to the job (according to the job description anyway.)


I also couldn’t believe when I got an email from one of their recruiters on the east coast just a few hours later, asking for a writing sample by 5pm tomorrow.  I sent it back late this morning, and received a response back immediately, asking when I would have time for a phone interview.  I said anytime, and she said “okay, call you in 30 minutes!”  I started stressing out a bit because I wasn’t prepared for an interview.  I didn’t know much about their company, and their website was confusing (she herself said that when I asked for more information about the company), and I hadn’t mentally prepped and reviewed answers to general questions.   But I made myself some tea, did some deep breathing, and calmly google searched and reviewed until she called promptly half an hour later.


The phone interview itself was alright…..better than the Purina one, but not so good as the CT one.  Several of the questions were worded oddly and I’m pretty sure there were a couple where I didn’t give her the answer she was looking for, but it was the last one that really threw me.  She introduced it as being a “curve ball,” and then asked “if you could be any household appliance, what would you be?”  I wanted to answer “wtf does that have to do with the job?” but I asked for a minute to think about it and then just bs-ed an answer.   I hate when interviewers ask questions like this that have no bearing on my ability to perform the job.  It’s like, why don’t we just focus on my qualifications, hmm?


Anyway, now she’ll (probably) forward my resume and writing sample to the guy in St. Louis, and he’ll decide if he wants to interview me.  I hope he does, but I also know not to be too optimistic.  Sigh.

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