Classy vs Trashy

Ever since I moved back, my friend K has been bugging me to go out drinking with her and her friends.  I went out one time, but the bar sucked, the drinks sucked, and one of her guy friends would not leave me alone.  Now I tell her that, while I’d like to hang out, I don’t want to deal with the parents the next morning (they think I’m still in high school half the time).  But the truth of the matter is that I’ve looked at her pictures on facebook and listened to her stories, and just find that her idea of a “fun night out” does not seem fun at all to me.


Let’s take EK as a contrasting example.  When she and her friends go out, they get all dolled up and go to these exclusive lounges where supposedly you have to look hot to get in (although I think that rule only applies to girls, bc I’ve seen some of the guys in the pics and they are soooo not hot, so they must be rich instead….).  They drink champagne and liquor and more….high end drinks than something like beer.  So even though they’ll probably also get wasted, at least they do it in a very classy way, rocking sky high stilettos and everything.


K and company are like the total opposites.  I hate beer.  Can’t stand it.  K used to be the same, but said that she was forced to acquire a taste for it because it was so cheap at the bars.  Okay, the first thing I thought of was: what does price matter?  You’re a girl, since when are you supposed to buy your own drinks?  Maybe the first one, but after that, no.  The second thing I thought was: are you seriously going out to dive bars to get trashed?  Have you no pride.  Granted, the STL scene is no NYC, but I’m sure there have got to be one or two more high-end lounges around the richer areas.  Or at least go to one of the clubs, not just a bar.  And then I look at what she and her friends are wearing and just shudder.  Most of the time they’re in completely casual clothes and make up that they probably wore to class or running errands.  Umm, what’s the point of going out if you’re not going to at least dress up a little?


But I think what turns me off the most is that they act like….well, typical college kids.  After getting drunk they’ll do things like going out into the snow with their shirts off to make snow angels, then post videos of the experience on facebook.  Idk, it just all seems a bit juvenile to me….

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