Road Trip

I try not to blog about my job search because a) It depresses me, and b) I know it’s hardly an interesting topic to anyone else.  But on Friday, I proved that no one can say I’m not willing to do what I have to to get a job.


See, I’ve been applying for a lot of admin positions in addition to management and various other positions, because I figure I’m more likely to get hired for admin.  I got a call on Thursday from a company in Chicago I’d applied to, wanting to know if I could make it in for an interview the following day.  The job wasn’t one I particularly wanted (if I got it, I’d continue looking for other work) but the salary was okay and the company was large, so I said alright.  I drove my dad to work at 7am on Friday, and by 7:45 I was on my way to Chicago.  For those who don’t know, it’s like a five hour drive…..Anyway, I got there at 1 with no problems, wandered around, had my interview at 2, and was heading back to St. Louis by 3.  Ten hours in a car all for a half hour first interview for a job I’m overqualified for and probably won’t get…..see, I’m nothing if not dedicated 😉


PS:  IL is soooo boring to drive through.  The most exciting part of the whole trip were the wind turbine farms about an hour outside of Chicago, and they were only “exciting” because they weren’t flat….


PPS: NYC spoiled me.  When I saw the Chicago skyline from the highway, my first thought was “that’s it?”


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