Trivia Night

So I got a call from E yesterday……for the first time in over two months.  See, we’d been growing apart for a while and things just weren’t clicking the way they used to, so after a kind of awkward and distant (on her part) Christmas break get-together, I decided to let her be the one to contact me, if she wanted to.  She wanted me to go to a trivia night with her, her family, and some family friends.  I am not one for trivia nights, but I decided to go anyway, since she was only in town the one day and I hadn’t seen her in practically forever.


After a bit of a shaky start (nothing big, just me getting annoyed at her going on and on about how much free time I must have and not believing that looking for a job actually takes a lot of time and effort….) things went okay.  The trivia night was alright (I actually knew some of the answers and the food was good) and we got to chat a little. I went over to her house for like an hour afterwards so we could catch up some more.


She’s still kind of distant with me.  When I asked about her roommates or bf (or pretty much anything really),  I felt like a parent talking to a teenager because of all her short, concise answers with no real depth or counter questions.   We talked about other stuff too, like looking for jobs and yoga and our old friends, but it definitely didn’t feel like I was talking to the person who had been my bff for close to ten years.  It was tres weird……


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