Birthday Tea

I was taking an online quiz yesterday and one of the questions was:

You find persistant, unrequited love to be:

a) Romantic

b) Foolish

c) Creepy

I was torn between b and c, and the question made me think of Mark, of course.  A few weeks ago I thought I’d finally gotten him set straight about how I DON’T LIKE HIM LIKE THAT.  I mean, I stopped with the hints and just told him outright, so you’d think he’d back off, right?  Wrong.


Shortly after our conversation, I received a package in the mail–a birthday present from him.  So there I was, wishing I’d never told him when my birthday was, and not looking forward to what was in the box, because I assumed he’d sent it before I told him how it was.  Much to my relief, it was just a tin of loose leaf tea.  At least it wasn’t something obsessive or creepy.  So I sent him a thank you text.  Then he proceeded to tell me that finding the tea was a month long saga because he’d had it in a restaurant, but no one knew what kind it was, so he had to track down the owner and get a sample of the tea and then take it around to a dozen different tea shops until he found one that had it.  W. T. F. Seriously, that much effort is not cute, it’s effin creepy….


Anyway, fast forward to last weekend.  It was a busy time for the family because we had about four different birthday things going on, so I hadn’t talked to him in a couple days.  On Sunday night I sent him a text because the Rangers had just played an awesome game.  He didn’t respond, but 45 minutes later I get an email saying “Did I do something wrong?”  It ticked me off because it’s soooooo like him to automatically try to create drama and make it my fault; see, even though it might seem like he’s trying to figure out what he did wrong, he really just wanted me to admit that I was playing games or being unfair to him.  Trust me, I’ve gone through all of this before.  Anyway, I told him I wanted to go to bed but he kept texting and keeping me awake and I was kind of cold towards him, especially towards the end.  I mean, just because he stays up until 3am every night does not mean that I want to, especially when I’m already annoyed with him and told him that I was tired and going to bed.


So the next morning I felt a little (not much, but a little) guilty, so I sent him a “hey, what’s up, how’s work?” email in the morning.  I was bored anyway.  You know what he responded?  “I can’t stop thinking about you.”  Again: W.T.F.?? I told him “don’t be like that” and then he got all upset before trying to pretend that nothing had happened.  I haven’t talked to him since then, because he really effin pissed me off.  If you know I don’t like you, why would you say something like that?  You’ve got to know (from experience if not just from common sense) that it’s going to tick me off.


Anyway…..just wanted to record this story so I can look back and laugh at it in the future.  I’m sure there will be more drama to come when he decides to beg me for attention again.  It’s actually rather pathetic, and it’s really made me lose respect for him.  Just two months ago I considered him one of my best friends.  Now, I’m just sick of all his issues.  Time to unsubscribe 🙂


5 Responses to “Birthday Tea”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Loling at the tea story.
    Can’t believe I forgot your bday again…it’s written on my agenda and on my phone calendar…I don’t understand!!!

  2. kive87 Says:

    Happy belated bday!!

  3. AD Says:

    I suppose I can understand that–it’s like when I think your guy stories are hilarious 😛

    Because I was doing my 5 minute a month facebook stalking today and saw that you mentioned it a while back 🙂

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