Red means go

There are two main classes of drivers: defensive and offensive.  I’m definitely defensive.  I never go more than 5-10 miles over the speed limit, and would rather wait an extra minute to make a turn than race someone I might not beat.  My friend N is the opposite.  I’d forgotten about that until I saw my life flash before my eyes several times yesterday…..

She was supposed to pick me up at 3 for starbucks, but was running late because of a college tour (PS: sooooo crazy that she’s going on college tours when I’m done and our other friends are graduating in May….) and didn’t get there until 4:15.  Then she said that she had to get an emissions test done on her car by 6 because she was going back to Chicago tomorrow and didn’t want to do it up there.  Rather than only hang out for 15 minutes, I decided we could just drink our coffee and chat while driving to the testing place.  Back in high school I used to hate letting N drive to the mall because I always thought I was going to die, but I figured that she had surely gotten better in the past four years.  How wrong I was…..

N is a….very easily distracted and very easily flustered person.  Sometimes its an endearing trait, sometimes it’s really aggravating (we got all snippy with each other when she visited NY because she literally could not decide if she wanted to spend 90 minutes at the Met or not go at all.  Literally.  Could not decide….).  Anyway, the place was like 15 minutes away.  I lost track of how many people she almost rear ended.  Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but there were at least six instances in the 30 minute round trip where I had to point out someone stopping in front of us or a red light or stop sign or something.  At least.  Normally I try not to do that because I hate when passengers try to tell me how to drive, but the people in front of us would be slowing down or stopping while she was speeding up.  And every time I pointed something out, she’d give a little surprised “Oh!” and slam on the brakes.  Yeah… time, I’m driving.


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