Amid all the post-earthquake/tsunami coverage of Japan, I happened across a blog by amblerangel titled “Hey from Japan- Notes on Moving.” Her husband got a job in Japan and she and their two kids moved halfway across the world with him this past September.  Her blog is a collection of funny stories, cultural lessons, and interesting touristy stuff.  I love her style, but reading her posts has made the wanderlust within me rise again.

For one thing, I’m reconsidering learning Japanese.  I tried once and gave up because it was frankly too hard, and I’m sure if I started again I would find the same problem, but I’m still so tempted…..  Also, now I really, really want to visit Japan (although doing so in the near future is probably not recommended).  While in my Japanese phase I planned on studying abroad there, but that interest sort of faded around the same time as my interest in the language.  Japan was still on my top 10 list of places I wanted to go, but it was closer to the bottom than at the very top.  Now, it’s back in contention.

But it’s not just Japan that I want to visit.  I want to go everywhere.  I want to travel and work abroad and just experience as much as I can.  Even before I found amblerangel, I was considering joining the Peace Corps in Ukraine.  I’d get to learn Russian and Ukrainian while teaching English to people who could really benefit from it.  Only two things stopped me: You only get a living stipend, not a salary, and I have private student loans to pay back, and you need three letters of recommendation.  At the time, it was busy season at LJB, my former bosses at K12 had been scattered to the winds among the change in ownership, and my friends were busy with college. But….maybe after I pay back my loans….


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