Advice? No thanks.

One of my character flaws that I should probably work on is that I have a little problem with taking advice.  Well, not all advice, just advice from people who know less than I do (in my opinion at least) about the subject they’re giving advice for.  Like when my dad (who’s only had one job he loved and has spent the rest of his working life bouncing between jobs he hates) gives me career advice; or when my mom (who has no clue where her money’s invested) gives me financial advice; or when JChin (who has worked at LJB since she was 16 except for a brief stint setting appointments from home) gives me advice on how to make my resume marketable.

The latest happened just the yesterday.  She seemed incredulous that I hadn’t found a job yet (not surprising, bc she rarely keeps up with current events, so she probably missed the whole economic downturn being worse in traditionally industrial areas thing lol) and started saying how I probably needed to spruce up my resume to make it more impressive.  My response?  “Don’t worry, I know how to write a resume.  That’s what they taught us at school, instead of how to fold into window envelopes.  Whether that was the right choice, I’ll leave it to you to decide….. ;)” 😛


PS: Knock on wood, but I haven’t heard from M since our little fight last Monday.  This is a new record lol.  I’d feel bad, because I know he’s probably all depressed, but I’m just soooooo done with the drama.  Life’s too short for that sh*t.


3 Responses to “Advice? No thanks.”

  1. kive87 Says:

    loling, you know how much I hate when she gives advice on things other than folding into window envelopes

    PS I figured out how to print addresses on to envelopes and even fold paper on my own…it took 30 seconds

    • AD Says:

      She should stick with what she knows. Nobody’s faster than her when it comes to secretarial tasks 😛

      PS: All by yourself? I’m so proud of you! But….aren’t we going to have people for that? lol

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