Flying High

Anyone who says cats don’t have individual personalities has clearly never met one. My kitten is a quirky little thing.  He’s not very bright, he’s not very nice to little kids or other cats, he chirps instead of meows, he usually prefers sitting next to you rather than on you, the only “people food” he likes is milk, he doesn’t like being pet too much, etc, etc.  His routine is basically the same day in and day out.  Except for today.  Today mom took him to work to get him “fixed.”  When I picked him up later, he was high as a kite, and it’s been rather amusing so far 😀


He spent the ten minute ride home pushing his head against the carrier, as if that would make the door open.  And every time I turned or stopped I could hear him sliding around back there like a little drunk.  After we got home, he spent a good hour playing with the basement door.  He would go on one side, stick his paw under, then run to the other side and do it again.  I didn’t see the fascination, but he was really entranced.  Then he went through three hours of what I call the “hug me, pet me, love me” phase.  He’s not normally a lap cat for more than an hour a day, if that, but he was all over me, purring and begging to be pet.


Then he went into some kind of manic stage.  Eyes darting all around, jumping a foot in the air when he backed into a shoe, running around and around, attacking his tail because he apparently wasn’t registering that it was his……Whatever mom’s got him on must be some pretty strong stuff.  But at least he’s enjoying himself 😛


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