The Good Old Days

It’s funny how nostalgia can come out of nowhere sometimes.   Today I was driving on the Interstate, thinking about nothing in particular, when I passed a billboard for Six Flags.  At the same time, the Allstate commercial featuring “mayhem” as a GPS came on.  I burst out laughing because I was overcome with flashbacks of the day when me, EK, and her brother went to Six Flags in Jersey and her GPS tried to get us murdered on the back water roads of NJ.  I remember EK freaking out in pretty much every roller coaster line we were in, especially Kingda Ka.  And then when we were going up the giant hill on Nitro and I threatened to pull her hands off the bar, she looked ready to kill me (thank goodness she was too afraid to let go, because she would have had plenty of time to strangle me on the ride down lol).  And who can forget the drive home when her brother kept messing with the voice of the GPS and annoying the hell out of EK?  Can’t say I blame her, the British accent was torture 😀

GPS: “Recalculating……recalculating…..Turn left now”

EK: “What??? There’s no road.  Where the hell am I going to turn?  Where are you taking us???”

GPS:  “Recalculating…..continue going straight.”

EK:  “Really?  No kidding?  I couldn’t have figured that out from the fact that there’s nowhere else to go.”

GPS: “Continue going straight………………continue going straight.”

EK: “I heard you the first time!”

GPS: “Continue going straight.”

EK: “Shut up!”


3 Responses to “The Good Old Days”

  1. kive87 Says:

    lolol I’m pretty sure there were a lot more expletives used in my conversation with my GPS…also remember when there was a fork in the road and she just shut up but god forbid she let me forget that I needed to go straight when there was nowhere else to go

    • AD Says:

      Haha yeah, I def censored it. I remember a lot of “bitch”s being dropped….and yes, that fork in the road thing was classic. But we survived, and that’s what counts, right? 😀

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