Oh training…..

I finished my first week of training yesterday.  It’s def different than the sink or swim and teach yourself “training” I got at LJB, or the one day ‘hope you remember everything because tomorrow you’re working’ training I got at the theater.  On the one hand, I’ll be much better trained at the outset than I ever was before.  On the other hand…..classroom training feels a lot like college, sleep-inducing lectures included.  The past week has involved:

1.  A funny trainer who always has a story to tell, even when we’re reading through the entire very dull policy.

2.  Reading through the entire very dull auto insurance policy……

3.  Spending an entire day doing online training classes and watching instructional videos from the 1990s.  Complete with hundred pound computers, zombie-like eerily calm employees, and a complete lack of cell phones.

4.  Listening a presentation by the internal auditor who made it seem like any errant click could get you fired and investigated by the FBI lol

5.  Free fattening food every day (think Krispy Kremes, cookies, brownie bites, etc).  Thank goodness for my willpower (and my metabolism, when that didn’t come through for me)

My “class” is a very….diverse ones.  There are seven of us; some normal, some not.  There’s a guy who used to be a teacher, and it showed when the trainer let him teach us the computer system because he’s worked there a few years and was just a transfer.  I felt like I was in kindergarten, and if he had patted me on the shoulder one more time, I might have snapped.  The funniest part is that later, when the trainer was showing something on the system, he couldn’t figure it out and had to ask me lol.  There’s also another older guy who used to work in claims in another agency years ago who feels the need to ask questions the trainer obviously wouldn’t know (the inner workings of underwriting, for example) and act like a know-it-all about claims when he doesn’t really know much at all.  Then there are a couple cute guys and a couple other guys.  Oh, and our crazy (in a good way) future manager who loves to pop in at least once or twice a day to break up the monotony.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this classroom training (though I know why it’s necessary), but at least parts of it have been quite interesting….

Forever a cat person

The best way to decide whether or not you want a dog is to do some dogsitting, like I am right now.  I already knew I wasn’t a dog person, but this has just reinforced it.  Cats are so low maintenance.  Dogs are so….not.  I stayed here last night and spent most of the day at home (aside from 3 five minute visits to let the dogs out to do there business) but now I’m here for another night.  Tomorrow will be more five minute visits, with a last visit Monday morning before work.  Is it Monday yet? lol

Honestly, they’re not that bad.  They’re needy, just like all other canines, but they don’t growl or bite, and they don’t bark that much, although when they do it’s earshattering because there are 3 of them.  Luckily I’m getting paid well to basically feed and open a door for them, but I still can’t wait until this weekend is over and I can go back to being a feline person only 🙂


I’m not very good at relaxing.  I’m not a perfectionist or anything, but I have certain things that I like to get done each day, and when I don’t I feel stressed and guilty, even though these things are optional and I wouldn’t be greatly affected if I didn’t do them (exercising aside, though, honestly, my metabolism would probably keep me safe for another few years…).  That’s the main reason I’ve been so stressed these past few days.  I’m used to spending 30 minutes on GMAT prep, an hour on Russian, an hour on Japanese, an hour working out, and an hour reading for fun every day, while, of course, spending time with Sydney every night.  As an unemployed person, finding time was not an issue.  Even when I was still looking for jobs, I could finish that in a couple hours if I wanted to and still have all the time in the world.  But with a 65min+ one way commute and a job from 8:30-5, I find that I have….much less free time these days.  Yet, I was still trying to squeeze everything in.

I don’t know what happened or why, but as I was plodding along in traffic in rain on the interstate today, I just had a totally Zen moment.  It’s like my subconscious finally accepted (and therefore forced me to consciously accept) that I just can’t do everything, especially with my commute eating up 2+ hours of my day. Sacrifices must be made, things must be cut back, schedules must be adjusted, preferably before I lose my sanity.  I actually gave myself tonight off (after about 20 minutes of Japanese) and, while I feel slightly guilty (especially about the not exercising part), I also feel much more calm than I have in a while.  It really is all about the balance 🙂

Learning to say ‘no’

Random fact about me: I tend to avoid asking people for favors.  This is because a) I prefer to do things myself; and b) I hate when I get asked for favors.  Now, I’m not some horrible hermit who doesn’t want to help people, I would just prefer to volunteer my help rather than be put in a position where it’s very awkward to decline.  I know this contradicts my whole ‘people should be direct’ thing, but there are always exceptions to any rule, and this is one for mine.

My inability to say no has gotten me into two different unwanted situations.  First off, my mom’s friend asked me to babysit her kids next Friday night.  I told her I couldn’t because I wouldn’t even get off work until 5, which is when she needed me to be there (this is legitimately true, but honestly, I just don’t like babysitting that much, and after a long week of work, I’d prefer to go home, even if it means losing the chance to earn $20).  So then she said her mother would watch them until I got off work and went on and on about how nicely it would work out, etc.  So now I’m on babysitting duty again…..but whatev.  One night for a couple hours and I get paid.  Not a bad deal, even if it’s not how I wanted to spend my Friday night.

But, it’s this next one that makes me cringe.  My godmother (who happens to be my mother’s bff) sent me a text asking if I could house and dog-sit her mother’s house while the mother was in Branson this weekend.  I didn’t really want to, but I had no way to say no.  She and my mom talk all the time, so if I’d told her I had to work or would be out of town, she would know almost right away that I was lying.  And her mom’s house is literally right down the street from mine, so I can’t say that distance would be a problem.  And saying that I hate dogs probably wouldn’t go over well…..so I told her sure, figuring that I’d pop over there twice a day each day and take my sibs to play with the dogs.  Oh no.  Her mom wants me to live there.  All weekend.  With the dogs.  Which I hate.  Since I already said yes I can’t really get out of it, but I think I might just pretend to stay there and really just stick with my original plan of dropping by a few times a day.  No way I want to spend my weekend chilling in some stranger’s house (I’m acquainted with my godmom’s mom, but I wouldn’t say I know her well) with animals I don’t like.  I’d rather relax.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this, for those of you reading this who know me personally:  if you want me to do something for you (something that would require more than minimal effort), phrase it in a way where you state your problem and leave an opening for me to offer to help.  Most of the time, I will.  If I don’t, please don’t make it awkward for both of us by putting me in a position where I can’t say no.

Gonna be a long month…..

A management professor of mine once told me that the reason our classes at Baruch were exactly 75 minutes long was that that is the attention span of the average adult.  Kids can sit through school 8 hours a day just fine because school is their job; they generally aren’t worried about anything else.  We adults have bills and family obligations and hobbies and a billion other things vying for our time besides our jobs.  Which means that, after 75 minutes, we start getting restless.  So imagine how torturous it is to sit through 8 hours of lecture on insurance in one day……  To be fair, they couldn’t have done much to make today’s material any less tedious or boring, but they could have let us go home early instead of having us spend the last 45 minutes doing silent reading….(seriously, how elementary school is that?)

It’s kind of funny how it’s only the second day and I’m already complaining lol.  I think it’s because I’m a creature of habit and this new job has totally screwed up the routine I’ve had for the past four months, and the adjustment’s making me a little crabby…..It’ll be much better once I’m out of training, can work how I want, and live 15 minutes away rather than 65, but it’s gonna be a long month to get from here to there…..

PS:  Forgot to mention, but I’m the only girl of the six new hires.  Two more girls are going to be brought in as experienced adjusters once the rest of us have been trained, but it’s kind of weird being the only one for right now.  Most of them are nice, but after Marc, I’m not too keen on having another guy friend.  We’ll have to keep it strictly professional.  Except for that really cute one…..we can be friends 😉

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Today was my first day at my new job.  Exciting, right?  Not really…. While it’s good to have a job, I’m honestly just planning on biding my time here until something else comes along.  I mean, I hope I like it, but when I took the offer, I just needed a job….any job.

The training reminds me of college.  There are six of us new hires and we have three weeks of training from this humongous training manual and accompanying books.  Three weeks of lectures and memorizing car parts….fun, fun, fun….. I’m sure it’ll get better as we get more in depth, and once we actually start working it should be interesting, but right now I feel like I’m back in my math class freshman year just struggling to stay awake (me and everyone else….).  Half the day today was spent drilling their customer service philosophy into us.  Sometime in the middle it started to feel a little cult-ish, but I suppose every company has something like that lol. We even have that person who asks questions which annoy the instructor and make the rest of us either want to roll our eyes or tell him to shut up, or both.  See, it really is like the college experience all over again 😉

PS:  This hour long commute each way is already killing me and it’s only day one.  That’s two hours I could be using to do something productive (or not so productive, depending on my mood…..).  I think I’m going to start touring apartments this weekend or next and hopefully move out by beginning or mid-June. I’ll def miss seeing Sydney every day, but I barely saw her today because I was so busy after I got home with stuff I wanted/needed to get done.  We’ll have sleepovers though and I’ll get to see her every week instead of twice a year, so that’s progress 🙂

And so it ends

The 2010-11 Rangers season is officially over as of this afternoon’s loss.  I should feel really disappointed, but honestly, I never expected them to even get to the first round of the playoffs.  The hardest loss was Wednesday night, when we were up 3-0 after two periods, and then lost 4-3 in double overtime.  Up until then, we were the only team in the NHL to have not lost when leading after two….boy, did we pick a horrible time to end that streak…..  But, we were literally crippled with injuries this year and a large portion of our roster is 27 or under with only a year or two or three of experience.  Our work ethic became the envy of the league.  The fact that we were able to battle our way into the post season at all bodes well for the future.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed, but at the same time, I’m so proud of what they accomplished and I’m already stoked for next season 🙂  Let’s Go Rangers!