It’s easy to forget that my parents are only 39, especially when they demonstrate their total lack of understanding about the internet and technology.  From the second I got the job, they’ve been badgering me about cars and neighborhoods I might move into (all the while saying “Are you sure you want to get a car and move out right away?  Don’t you want to save up money first?” Contradictory, much?).  One of my mom’s coworkers apparently lives out kind of near one of the areas I’m looking at, so mom’s been asking her stuff and passing the info onto me.  Everything she tells me I already know, thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet.  There are whole sites dedicated to rating apartment communities and neighborhoods, and then, of course, there’s Wikipedia for the demographics and crime rates and stuff.  But, to avoid ruffling feathers, I usually just smile and nod.

Tonight, though, she and my dad started talking about what I should do (to each other, not to me, even though I was right there.  I hate that, btw) and dad was asking when mom’s coworker would be at work so that I could go talk to her myself.  I shouldn’t have said anything, but I couldn’t resist so I was just like “I don’t need to talk to her.”

My dad, who has horrible anger control issues and is known for blowing things out of proportion, says “Oh, because you know everything, right?  That’s just arrogance.  That’s plain arrogance.  You have a source you can ask but you won’t because you just know everything, don’t you?”

I tried to tell them about this amazing thing called the World Wide Web, but they literally just rolled their eyes and were like “oh yeah, because everything on there’s the truth.  You should totally believe it.”

First of all, calm down.  The sarcasm and patronizing is not appreciated.  Second of all, I’m not an idiot.  I know to take reviews of neighborhoods/apartments with a grain of salt, because most of the people motivated enough to review are people who had serious issues, but if dozens of reviews mention a recurring problem (like bugs or flooding), there’s probably some truth to it.  And crime rates aren’t really subjective…..

I just don’t understand how they don’t understand that because of the internet, I actually don’t need to talk to mom’s friend.  One of mom’s arguments was that “you don’t know those people online,” but I don’t know her friend either.  She does, but what does that mean to me?  Especially when her friend only lives somewhat nearby where I’m looking, not even in the same area.  I know I said I’d rant less on this blog, but this just completely took me by surprise.  My parents are too young to be acting this old!


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