I wonder….

…why they don’t make playgrounds for adults?  My sister and I went to the “Duck Park” today, which I like better than the “Airplane Park,” even though it’s smaller, because it has swings that I can swing on.  The swings at the “Airplane Park” are literally not even a foot off the ground, so anyone over the age of 8 who tries to even just sit on them looks comical.  Not so at the “Duck Park.”  There are four swings about 2-3 feet off the ground; perfect for both little and not-so-little people.  And you can’t beat the view that comes from swinging on the bank of the lake.  I’m def not the only one who thinks this way, because my sister and I were beaten to the swings by a young couple in their mid-20s who were living it up and reminiscing about how they used to try to swing as high as they could when they were younger and had no fear.  Those were the days 🙂


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