Conversation devolution?

My mom is always complaining that people nowadays don’t know how to communicate.  She does the dramatic sigh + eye roll whenever I say I’m going to email/text someone instead of calling them, and just can’t understand why the younger people at her work feel the need to have their phones with them 24-7.  I’m not quite as bad as some people (I switched back to 200 texts per month after Marc and I started fighting because he was pretty much the only one I used to text a lot, and I do occasionally leave my phone at home when I go run some quick errands, though I’m always cognizant of exactly where it is), but I definitely do not enjoy talking on the phone.  It’s up there next to going to the dentist.  There are two people, not including my mother, who I talk to on the phone regularly.  The rest of my friends/acquaintances?  Texts and emails suit us just fine in-between face to face visits.

I started thinking about this after the last Marc thing.  I don’t think I mentioned it in my earlier post, but after I sent the first email, he texted me and wasted about 20 texts trying to get me to agree to talk to him on the phone.  I said no at first because, as noted, I strongly dislike talking on the phone, even when I’m on the best terms with someone.  He kept pressing and pressing, and then I was just saying no because ‘no’ means ‘no’, it doesn’t mean ‘ask me 20 times and I’ll say yes.’

Anyway, moving on….lol.  It got me wondering if I really was as bad as some people my age with the whole communication thing.  Then, I remembered hearing Josephine (new girl at LJB….well, not so new by now, but still pretty useless from what I hear) trying to talk on the phone to our clients.  The girl could barely form a coherent sentence to get even the simplest point across, and it wasn’t a language barrier thing.  There’s a difference between not being able to communicate on the phone or in person, and just not liking to do it.  Thankfully for my future job prospects, I’m more than capable of communicating via any means…..though it’ll be somewhat difficult if I get stuck trying to deal with people my own age who can’t claim the same thing 😉

PS:  Btw, EK, Josephine stole your desk.  You might have to send the Albanian mafia after her to reclaim your corner….


2 Responses to “Conversation devolution?”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Actually Lisa stole my desk but all’s well because now I’m in Seths old office oh and Deni replaced Josephine lol

    • AD Says:

      What????? You got your own office? I guess law school does have it’s perks lol. So SJG is sitting right next to Rachel now? Interesting……

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