Welcome Back to Tornado Alley….

I haven’t lived in the Midwest in the spring and summer for several years, so I’d gotten used to not worrying about thunderstorms, lightning storms, flooding, tornadoes, and the like (side note: people in NYC are weather wimps.  The whole time I lived there there were only a few big storms–and even those weren’t that big–and people were acting like the apocalypse was coming).  Well, last night I was reminded why they call where I live ‘Tornado Alley.’  Nine tornadoes hit the STL area.

My neighborhood is fine.  I live up on the bluffs, which provides some protection from the worst of most storms, though we do get at least a few tornadoes a year.  The airport, however, was trashed.  Windows were shattered, part of the roof was torn off, signs were down everywhere, etc.  It’s actually shut down today for the first time since 9/11 (the last weather shut down was 1995), but should be up to about 70% capacity by tomorrow.  It could have been a lot worse, but it’s yet another stark reminder (just like the Japanese tsunami though obviously on a much, much lesser scale) that when it comes to Mother Nature, all we can do, is hope for the best.

(PS: In case you were wondering, why yes, that is a picture of an airport shuttle on top of the airport….)


3 Responses to “Welcome Back to Tornado Alley….”

  1. kive87 Says:

    oh em gee…I forget you live there, I thought you just went back inside the tv to never never land

    • AD Says:

      haha I wish. It’s only gotten worse since this. The day after I moved to my new apt I got stuck for 20 minutes in the back of a Walmart because of a tornado warning. Gotta love the Midwest in the spring…..

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