Drinking the Kool-Aid

Today was my first day at my new job.  Exciting, right?  Not really…. While it’s good to have a job, I’m honestly just planning on biding my time here until something else comes along.  I mean, I hope I like it, but when I took the offer, I just needed a job….any job.

The training reminds me of college.  There are six of us new hires and we have three weeks of training from this humongous training manual and accompanying books.  Three weeks of lectures and memorizing car parts….fun, fun, fun….. I’m sure it’ll get better as we get more in depth, and once we actually start working it should be interesting, but right now I feel like I’m back in my math class freshman year just struggling to stay awake (me and everyone else….).  Half the day today was spent drilling their customer service philosophy into us.  Sometime in the middle it started to feel a little cult-ish, but I suppose every company has something like that lol. We even have that person who asks questions which annoy the instructor and make the rest of us either want to roll our eyes or tell him to shut up, or both.  See, it really is like the college experience all over again 😉

PS:  This hour long commute each way is already killing me and it’s only day one.  That’s two hours I could be using to do something productive (or not so productive, depending on my mood…..).  I think I’m going to start touring apartments this weekend or next and hopefully move out by beginning or mid-June. I’ll def miss seeing Sydney every day, but I barely saw her today because I was so busy after I got home with stuff I wanted/needed to get done.  We’ll have sleepovers though and I’ll get to see her every week instead of twice a year, so that’s progress 🙂


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