Forever a cat person

The best way to decide whether or not you want a dog is to do some dogsitting, like I am right now.  I already knew I wasn’t a dog person, but this has just reinforced it.  Cats are so low maintenance.  Dogs are so….not.  I stayed here last night and spent most of the day at home (aside from 3 five minute visits to let the dogs out to do there business) but now I’m here for another night.  Tomorrow will be more five minute visits, with a last visit Monday morning before work.  Is it Monday yet? lol

Honestly, they’re not that bad.  They’re needy, just like all other canines, but they don’t growl or bite, and they don’t bark that much, although when they do it’s earshattering because there are 3 of them.  Luckily I’m getting paid well to basically feed and open a door for them, but I still can’t wait until this weekend is over and I can go back to being a feline person only 🙂


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