Oh training…..

I finished my first week of training yesterday.  It’s def different than the sink or swim and teach yourself “training” I got at LJB, or the one day ‘hope you remember everything because tomorrow you’re working’ training I got at the theater.  On the one hand, I’ll be much better trained at the outset than I ever was before.  On the other hand…..classroom training feels a lot like college, sleep-inducing lectures included.  The past week has involved:

1.  A funny trainer who always has a story to tell, even when we’re reading through the entire very dull policy.

2.  Reading through the entire very dull auto insurance policy……

3.  Spending an entire day doing online training classes and watching instructional videos from the 1990s.  Complete with hundred pound computers, zombie-like eerily calm employees, and a complete lack of cell phones.

4.  Listening a presentation by the internal auditor who made it seem like any errant click could get you fired and investigated by the FBI lol

5.  Free fattening food every day (think Krispy Kremes, cookies, brownie bites, etc).  Thank goodness for my willpower (and my metabolism, when that didn’t come through for me)

My “class” is a very….diverse ones.  There are seven of us; some normal, some not.  There’s a guy who used to be a teacher, and it showed when the trainer let him teach us the computer system because he’s worked there a few years and was just a transfer.  I felt like I was in kindergarten, and if he had patted me on the shoulder one more time, I might have snapped.  The funniest part is that later, when the trainer was showing something on the system, he couldn’t figure it out and had to ask me lol.  There’s also another older guy who used to work in claims in another agency years ago who feels the need to ask questions the trainer obviously wouldn’t know (the inner workings of underwriting, for example) and act like a know-it-all about claims when he doesn’t really know much at all.  Then there are a couple cute guys and a couple other guys.  Oh, and our crazy (in a good way) future manager who loves to pop in at least once or twice a day to break up the monotony.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this classroom training (though I know why it’s necessary), but at least parts of it have been quite interesting….


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