It feels like forever since I last posted, even though it’s probably only been like 10 days, tops.  It hasn’t helped my sense of time that I wanted to post, and yet lacked the internet availability to do so without having to type novels on my iPhone….which is something I’d really rather not do.  I still won’t have internet at home until June 6 (stupid tornadoes tying up all the AT&T service people…), but luckily I can just hop over to the local Starbucks or head back home to connect 🙂
The last six months have just been full of major, sometimes life-changing, events, the latest of which occurred this past Wednesday.  But before I get into that, let’s recap:

December 22: My last day in NYC.  Oh how I miss you….well, parts of you, anyway lol

December 26-January 1: Awesome family trip to Disney which also coincided with when things started to spiral out of control with Marc.  Talk about a bittersweet memory…..

January 2-March 29:  Endless hours upon hours searching for a job while simultaneous dealing with the now-known-to-be-manipulative Marc.  Not good times.

March 30: Received job offer.  Life was good again, except for Marc.  But by then I had nearly reached my ‘I don’t care anymore’ phase and I think we were in the middle of a fight, so I didn’t let him spoil it.

April 25:  Started new job.

May 10:  Received first paycheck.  Okay, it was only half a paycheck, but that was half a paycheck more than I’d gotten since December, so I wasn’t exactly complaining.

May 14: Apartment hunting.

May 16: Turned in apartment application.

May 25-26: Moved in.

Well, there you go.  My past six months in a nutshell.  The apartment move is what has kept me busy the past week or so.  It’s a cute little one bedroom close to my work.  Think 15 minute commute on back roads (12 minutes on the highway) versus 45-65 minutes on the highway…..I have so much more time now lol.  But I came here with literally zero furniture, which made moving pretty darn expensive.  My furniture’s cheap without being too cheap looking, but lots of cheap stuff soon adds up.  Overall though, it cost a lot less than I thought it would.

It’s weird….tonight will only be my third night here, but it already feels like home.  My kitten thinks so too now, though he was so shell-shocked from the drive over that I felt guilty all last night.  Poor little thing.  Who knew cats get carsick? 😉

PS:  EK will probably find it amusing that I live in a place very much influenced by the French.  The name of the city is French, the name of my apartment complex is French, my street name (and most other street names) are French…..I still don’t know how to pronounce that one street I turn onto before my street.  To me, it’ll probably forever be ‘the French street that starts with ‘G’’ 😀


Below are some pictures of my place in less than ideal lighting….


Chop Chop

Life’s been pretty busy lately for reasons which I’ll blog more about when I have time, which should be sometime next week…I hope…..But I did have time today to chop my hair off.  And when I say chop my hair off, I really mean chop my hair off.  These pictures were taken shortly after it was done and I have it styled a little differently now (because, while my hair stylist always cuts my hair right, she and I have very different tastes when it comes to styling….), but overall, I like it.  It’s the first “boy” cut that I’ve ever had, so it’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s not bad at all.  I almost pulled an Emma Watson, but decided that I didn’t have the bone structure to pull it off…..and I also don’t have a hair and make-up team to make sure I look flawless every day so……


Last night, Derek Boogaard, a forward for the NY Rangers, was found dead at the age of 28.  The 2010-11 season was his first with the Rangers, and he got a concussion on December 9 which kept him out for the rest of the season, but during those 20 or so games that he played, he gathered a cult following among fans.  He was one of the best bruisers in the league, but off the ice he was extremely approachable and involved in charitable causes.  He created “Boogaard’s Booguardians” to host military personnel and their families at every Rangers home game and participated in many Garden of Dreams events.  We were all looking forward to having him back next year, players and fans alike.  But that will never happen now.  Cause of death hasn’t been determined, but it doesn’t look like foul play.  Some people are saying suicide, but I really hope they’re wrong.  It’s tragic enough without him taking his own life.

This makes me think back to when Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile passed away in his hotel room in 2002 due to heart problems at the age of 33.  My family and I used to go to batting practice before the games a few times a year hoping to get signatures.  He was the only one I ever got.  I know it seems odd to people who aren’t into sports, but when you watch and root for the same group of people for months on end, you feel like you start to know them; this is especially true with hockey, where there are more player interviews and just more personal info in general.  So when one of them dies, while you know that you’re not grieving as much as the family and friends who really knew that person are, you’re grieving at least a little all the same 😦

RIP Boogie


Yet another random fact about me: there’s something about water that I just love.  Not to drink — I can’t stand to drink it– but to see, hear, and feel.  It’s just so….soothing.  I’m not one of those naturalists who would, if given the chance, renounce society and cities and go live in the middle of a jungle somewhere, but there is something majestic about nature that often awes me and takes my breath away, especially when it comes to water.

Though I hate the traffic and length of my commute, I love driving over the Mississippi River twice a day.  I have to mentally force myself to focus on the road instead of staring into the water, but it’s still an amazing view, if only for a few brief seconds.  I walk on the bike trail near my house and after about 35-40 minutes you reach the last of three bridges, and the only one with water running under it regularly.  That is the highlight of my walk and makes the chance that I may encounter snakes (of which I have an unreasonable, paralyzing fear…..and which I have encountered a few times in the past month….) worth it.  I’ve risked being caught out at dark or in a summer thunderstorm just because I want to reach that bridge and listen to/look at the creek underneath.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with being caught in a summer thunderstorm.  In fact–assuming you don’t get struck by lightning or caught in a tornado–it’s actually quite nice as well.)

Idk, there’s just something so soothing about the sound of rushing water; I’ve yet to find anything man-made that can replicate the instantaneous relaxation I feel upon hearing the sound.  Even the deep breathing of yoga is no match.  You just can’t beat nature 🙂


I deposited my first paycheck in several months today and let me tell you, it felt good.  The payday schedule at AAA is pretty odd.  You get paid on the 10th for the work you did from the 16th-30th/31st of the previous month, and on the 25th you’re paid for the work you did from the 1st-15th of that month.  So basically there’s like a 10 day time delay.  Since I officially started the last week of April (despite being offered the job in the last week of March), I only received one week of pay.  But that one week is just about 80% of what I would make in two weeks at LJB.  Real, salaried jobs are so nice 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

I didn’t realize it at first, but today was the first Mother’s Day that I’ve been home in three or four years.  I’d completely forgotten that the family has an annual tradition of going to Cracker Barrel to celebrate (it’s literally the only time we ever go; don’t ask me how it got started, I don’t even know).  The food was decent and it was nice to spend some time with my mom’s side of the family, plus my dad’s mom.  My mom is super easy to buy for, because she tells me exactly what she wants, but I randomly decided that I wanted to surprise her with something (because giving gifts is no fun if you know the other person knows what it is), so I whipped up some gigantic sugar cookies and colored icing and the kids and I decorated.  I had fun, the kids had a blast, she loved them, and she totally wasn’t expecting it, which made it even better.  🙂

Hope everyone else is having a great Mother’s Day too!


I just realized that I haven’t really written about anything fun/non-complainy lately… I’ll write a quick blurb about what I consider one of the “perks” of my job, which the people who knew me in NY will probably find quite surprising: I get to wear heels, and I’m so happy about it 🙂  In NY I never wore heels for two major reasons:

1.  I walked everywhere (me and 8 million other people…).  Heels are cute, but they’re not practical, and when I’m hiking at least a couple miles a day in the course of my normal commute, practicality is a must; and

2.  Most people in NY are quite short, so I look and feel like an Amazon if I’m in anything other in flats.

Here in STL, I have no such problems.  I’m average size, which means heels make me tall, not gargantuan.  And I drive everywhere.  While I would prefer to walk, I don’t exactly live in a walking-friendly area, so I just have to make the best of it.  At least there are some perks, right?

PS:  Funny side note.  Most of my coworkers probably think I’m this extremely busy socialite because rather than eat lunch in the cafeteria, I go out to my car, using the excuse that I have to make a phone call (it was a legit excuse on day two, but not since).  Honestly, I just want some time to sit and eat and read or do whatever without being surrounded by coworkers.  Nothing against them; most of them are nice, but I’m just not a buddy buddy person.  I’m not the only one who goes off on their own, but I seem to be the only one who gets asked about it regularly (usually by the same person, who is old, married, and has kids….).  It’s like, is it such a crime to want a little privacy during working hours?  I’d go crazy without it.