I just realized that I haven’t really written about anything fun/non-complainy lately… I’ll write a quick blurb about what I consider one of the “perks” of my job, which the people who knew me in NY will probably find quite surprising: I get to wear heels, and I’m so happy about it 🙂  In NY I never wore heels for two major reasons:

1.  I walked everywhere (me and 8 million other people…).  Heels are cute, but they’re not practical, and when I’m hiking at least a couple miles a day in the course of my normal commute, practicality is a must; and

2.  Most people in NY are quite short, so I look and feel like an Amazon if I’m in anything other in flats.

Here in STL, I have no such problems.  I’m average size, which means heels make me tall, not gargantuan.  And I drive everywhere.  While I would prefer to walk, I don’t exactly live in a walking-friendly area, so I just have to make the best of it.  At least there are some perks, right?

PS:  Funny side note.  Most of my coworkers probably think I’m this extremely busy socialite because rather than eat lunch in the cafeteria, I go out to my car, using the excuse that I have to make a phone call (it was a legit excuse on day two, but not since).  Honestly, I just want some time to sit and eat and read or do whatever without being surrounded by coworkers.  Nothing against them; most of them are nice, but I’m just not a buddy buddy person.  I’m not the only one who goes off on their own, but I seem to be the only one who gets asked about it regularly (usually by the same person, who is old, married, and has kids….).  It’s like, is it such a crime to want a little privacy during working hours?  I’d go crazy without it.


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