Yet another random fact about me: there’s something about water that I just love.  Not to drink — I can’t stand to drink it– but to see, hear, and feel.  It’s just so….soothing.  I’m not one of those naturalists who would, if given the chance, renounce society and cities and go live in the middle of a jungle somewhere, but there is something majestic about nature that often awes me and takes my breath away, especially when it comes to water.

Though I hate the traffic and length of my commute, I love driving over the Mississippi River twice a day.  I have to mentally force myself to focus on the road instead of staring into the water, but it’s still an amazing view, if only for a few brief seconds.  I walk on the bike trail near my house and after about 35-40 minutes you reach the last of three bridges, and the only one with water running under it regularly.  That is the highlight of my walk and makes the chance that I may encounter snakes (of which I have an unreasonable, paralyzing fear…..and which I have encountered a few times in the past month….) worth it.  I’ve risked being caught out at dark or in a summer thunderstorm just because I want to reach that bridge and listen to/look at the creek underneath.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with being caught in a summer thunderstorm.  In fact–assuming you don’t get struck by lightning or caught in a tornado–it’s actually quite nice as well.)

Idk, there’s just something so soothing about the sound of rushing water; I’ve yet to find anything man-made that can replicate the instantaneous relaxation I feel upon hearing the sound.  Even the deep breathing of yoga is no match.  You just can’t beat nature 🙂


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