Chop Chop

Life’s been pretty busy lately for reasons which I’ll blog more about when I have time, which should be sometime next week…I hope…..But I did have time today to chop my hair off.  And when I say chop my hair off, I really mean chop my hair off.  These pictures were taken shortly after it was done and I have it styled a little differently now (because, while my hair stylist always cuts my hair right, she and I have very different tastes when it comes to styling….), but overall, I like it.  It’s the first “boy” cut that I’ve ever had, so it’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s not bad at all.  I almost pulled an Emma Watson, but decided that I didn’t have the bone structure to pull it off…..and I also don’t have a hair and make-up team to make sure I look flawless every day so……

2 Responses to “Chop Chop”

  1. kive87 Says:

    oh myyy god you cut your hair!!!! I like it!!!

    • AD Says:

      Haha that’s the general reaction I’m getting. I’m glad I did, but Idk if I would again. The cut’s a little too boyish if not styled right….but maybe a dif short cut would be better….. Now it’s your turn to chop!

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