It feels like forever since I last posted, even though it’s probably only been like 10 days, tops.  It hasn’t helped my sense of time that I wanted to post, and yet lacked the internet availability to do so without having to type novels on my iPhone….which is something I’d really rather not do.  I still won’t have internet at home until June 6 (stupid tornadoes tying up all the AT&T service people…), but luckily I can just hop over to the local Starbucks or head back home to connect 🙂
The last six months have just been full of major, sometimes life-changing, events, the latest of which occurred this past Wednesday.  But before I get into that, let’s recap:

December 22: My last day in NYC.  Oh how I miss you….well, parts of you, anyway lol

December 26-January 1: Awesome family trip to Disney which also coincided with when things started to spiral out of control with Marc.  Talk about a bittersweet memory…..

January 2-March 29:  Endless hours upon hours searching for a job while simultaneous dealing with the now-known-to-be-manipulative Marc.  Not good times.

March 30: Received job offer.  Life was good again, except for Marc.  But by then I had nearly reached my ‘I don’t care anymore’ phase and I think we were in the middle of a fight, so I didn’t let him spoil it.

April 25:  Started new job.

May 10:  Received first paycheck.  Okay, it was only half a paycheck, but that was half a paycheck more than I’d gotten since December, so I wasn’t exactly complaining.

May 14: Apartment hunting.

May 16: Turned in apartment application.

May 25-26: Moved in.

Well, there you go.  My past six months in a nutshell.  The apartment move is what has kept me busy the past week or so.  It’s a cute little one bedroom close to my work.  Think 15 minute commute on back roads (12 minutes on the highway) versus 45-65 minutes on the highway…..I have so much more time now lol.  But I came here with literally zero furniture, which made moving pretty darn expensive.  My furniture’s cheap without being too cheap looking, but lots of cheap stuff soon adds up.  Overall though, it cost a lot less than I thought it would.

It’s weird….tonight will only be my third night here, but it already feels like home.  My kitten thinks so too now, though he was so shell-shocked from the drive over that I felt guilty all last night.  Poor little thing.  Who knew cats get carsick? 😉

PS:  EK will probably find it amusing that I live in a place very much influenced by the French.  The name of the city is French, the name of my apartment complex is French, my street name (and most other street names) are French…..I still don’t know how to pronounce that one street I turn onto before my street.  To me, it’ll probably forever be ‘the French street that starts with ‘G’’ 😀


Below are some pictures of my place in less than ideal lighting….


2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. kive87 Says:

    oooh me like,also hahaha on all the frenchness

    • AD Says:

      The first few days I made a valiant effort to pronounce my street the way it’s supposed to be pronounced….then I heard some other residents Americanize (re: butcher) it, so I’m going with that. Sannois. It’s not san-wah, it’s san-noy. Like Illinois, but with San 😉

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