I went to a couple new places this “weekend” (I now refer to Wednesday-Thursday as my weekend because, for all intents and purposes, it is) to try to find a place that makes me feel as calm as Central Park.  And I’m definitely getting closer 🙂


The first place was Katy Trail.  This trail runs along the Missouri River for a little while before heading more inland.  It’s a paved bike path which is fairly secluded from the modern world, and not too heavily trafficked.  Aside from the small airplanes, you don’t hear many human things at all.  At least for the first couple miles, then it starts running along a road out in the beating sun, and the experience kind of went downhill from there 😉

The second place I went was Creve Coeur Lake.  The lake is the centerpiece for Creve Coeur County Park and has a nice bike trail which wraps all the way around it, with several side trails at random intervals.  This trail was even better than the Katy trail simply because there was more space to wander, and it was even more isolated from the outside world.


PS:  According to local legend, there was once an Indian princess who fell in love with a French fur trader, but her love was not reciprocated.  Heart broken, the princess jumped to her death from the cliff in the first picture.  That’s how the city of Creve Coeur (roughly translated: broken or burst heart) got it’s name.  And if you hang out in the park after dark, you’ll hear the ghost of the princess crying and see her leap to her death.  Or so they say.  😉


One Response to “Closer”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Wow that’s an amazing story, sooo I think you and your phone should go tape what happens there after dark for me…

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