New Kids on the Block

The second half of the weekend unit started working yesterday.  Myself and a couple others from the original unit got to spend the first half of the day babysitting them, which basically involved wandering around, chatting, and answering random questions once in a while.  It would have been nice, except that every moment I spent babysitting was a moment I wasn’t taking claims on the phone, so my workload this week is going to be very very low, which means that my 10 hour Monday and Tuesday are going to be very very slow…..

There are a couple things different about this unit when compared to our original unit:

1.  All but 2 of the people are GradStaff, which means that they’re all young.  About my age, actually.  Those of us in the original unit have all had full time jobs before (I’m counting LJB here because I worked just about 40 hours per week even though I had no benefits and was classified as a part-timer), whereas most of these people are fresh out of college.


2.  I was the only girl in the first group.  There are about 4 or 5 girls in this one and apparently the trainer (who is also a girl) was extraordinarily happy about this and they discussed it extensively in training, and every single one of them keeps assuring me that when we get assigned partners to cover the days when we’re off, I’ll be assigned to a girl.  I guess that’s supposed to make me feel….I don’t know, excited or something, but I like the set up I have now.  Brian, Mark, and I eat lunch together, chat about our cases together, and work each other’s voicemails and files when needed.  We’ve got a nice flow going on and I really don’t want it to be ruined because management feels that I must strongly desire to be paired with one of the girly girls simply because we all have boobs (and they’re all girly girls, complete with the clothes, the nails, the hair, the heels, and the constant girly girl giggling).


I guess time will tell how our two groups will mesh, but I can already sense it’s going to be…..interesting.  The girls are trying to put together an employee trip for both groups to go to the City Museum after work next Saturday. (The City Museum is basically a giant playground).  Those of us on the first unit are planning a happy hour with just us, so that in and of itself kind of tells you how the group personalities differ…. 😉


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