Life In a Day

Human beings thrive on repetition.  We each have our own little quirks and our own little routines that keep us on schedule and get us through the day.  Rarely do we stop to wonder about the daily lives of the people we pass on the street, let alone the  lives of people who reside halfway around the world.  But what if, just for one day, we did?  What would we discover?


Ridley Scott, YouTube, and LG Electronics teamed up to answer that very question.  They asked people from around the world to videotape a part of their life on July 24, 2010.  The response was phenomenal. And the end result? A 93 minute film consisting of scenes from 4,500 hours of footage in 80,000 submissions from 140 nations.


The film won’t be winning an Oscars for cinematography, but that’s the point.  Every single shot was taped by someone like you and me, using whatever videotaping equipment they happened to have on hand.  Instead of the flawless scenes we’ve come to expect from Hollywood, we’re faced with something we could have made ourselves.  It breeds an instant connection with every single person you encounter, whether you’re with them for 10 seconds or 5 minutes.  And that’s what makes this movie work, where other mash-ups fail.   You don’t need character development because the people are real, and their everyday, normal actions further reinforce this.


For many people in the world, July 24, 2010 was a day like any other.  But for others, it was life-changing.  A baby was born.  A man had just survived major heart surgery.  An army wife had a date night with her husband.  Another woman got engaged.  21 people were crushed to death in Germany in the Love Parade Stampede.  A boy who should have been in school was instead shining shoes to support his family.  Woman in Africa sang as they rhythmically pounded wheat kernels into powder for lunch.  A Korean man who had been traveling the world on his bike for several years stopped for a haircut in southeast Asia.  A Russian hooligan shoplifted.  A young NYC guy was completely rejected when he confessed his feelings to his best friend.  A couple renewed their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary.  And so much more.


It’s too easy for us to remain in our own little worlds.  Every day, someone is born.  Every day, someone dies.  Every day someone is suffering.  Every day, someone  is celebrating.  Every day, there are more than 7 billion different stories happening at the same time.  On July 24th, 2010, we got to see them happening side by side.   It’s a very….profound feeling.


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