A Visit Home

As can be inferred by prior posts, I took a short vacation to NYC last week.  I arrived on Labor Day (Monday) and left Thursday evening.  Over the past couple years I’ve already blogged about all my favorite spots in NYC, so rather than raving about each one again, I’ll limit this post to random musings and observations, in no particular order.


1.  There is little in life that is as satisfying as sipping Starbucks while strolling through an uncrowded Central Park.

2.  Rain + wind + walking all day in wet shoes because of the rain = not fun.

3.  The second half of the High Line is a lot like the first half, and I can’t say I’m particularly enthralled by either, though the first half does have better views and a better layout.

4.  Magnolia’s cupcakes = AMAZING.  During my 4 days in NYC, I had Magnolia’s 3 times (the other day I had a black and white cookie from a bakery in Queens and had to talk myself out of still getting a cupcake….)

5.  I miss EK!!!! Her life is so much fun 😉

6.  I need to get out of  STL and find some guys to date so I can regale EK with the kinds of stories she tells me 😀

7.  The Manhattan skyline always impresses me, no matter how many times I see it.  My flight arrived in NYC airspace too early to land, so we ended up doing a circle around Manhattan and I was on the perfect side of the plane to see it all.

8.  Physically, I jumped back into the rhythm of the City the second I got off the plane.  Mentally, it took me a little longer.  I’d forgotten how absolutely frustrating the subway can be…..

9.  It’s comforting how some things never change.  Sure, new buildings are erected, old buildings are torn down, neighborhoods are gentrified or ghettoized, but the core stays the same.  Central Park won’t ever change, the Empire State will still be there, the subway’s not going anywhere, etc.  No matter what else changes, those foundations stay the same, so you’ll always feel like you’re coming home, instead of coming to visit.


3 Responses to “A Visit Home”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Yeah your love life needs to pick up, you owe me stories. Also about the Empire State always being there…text me I can’t post my joke without ending up in Gitmo

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