By complete accident, I discovered the best way to ensure I get the most out of my workout while not counting down the minutes until it’s over: watching myself.  I usually workout right after dinner but one night I procrastinated a bit and ended up having to turn on the dining room light so I could see in the living room (there’s no light in the living room….how annoying is that?) and I discovered that with said light on, I could see my reflection in the glass porch door on the other side of the living room.  I was not in the mood to workout, so I decided to watch myself and focus on my form rather than staring at the clock on the dvd player.  It was one of the most fun workouts I’ve ever done.  Focusing on my reflection forced me to do my best to imitate exactly the guides on the dvd, and it was quite amusing to see just how ridiculous working out can make you look 🙂


Shortly after this workout, I saw an article about a woman who had decided to tackle her lack of self-esteem by swearing off all mirrors for a year (including on her wedding day).  Her rationale is that if she doesn’t spend time looking at herself, she’ll stop caring about her flaws and will learn to love herself.  In my opinion, she’s hiding from the problem rather than confronting it (not to mention that there’s a difference between not caring how others see you and looking like a homeless mess because you don’t use a mirror…)  The real measure of self-esteem is if you can be happy with what you see in the reflection rather than pretending that mirrors don’t exist.  I have flaws I’m not happy with (don’t we all?) but overall, I’m happy with how I look.  I workout to keep my body looking as awesome as possible, and the rest is what it is.  By trying to avoid any glimpse of your own reflection, aren’t you just giving into your horrible self-esteem?


One Response to “Vain”

  1. kive87 Says:

    I don’t have flaws…muaahahha jk

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