Random Thoughts on Current Events

1.  Amanda Knox is free.  Yay!  Obviously I don’t know her personally and have no vested interest in her freedom, except for the fact that no innocent person should have to spend 4 years in jail for a crime they were convicted of mainly due to media slander and tampered evidence.   I hear the prosecution is going to try to appeal the verdict again, but since she’s back in the USA, I assume our government would have to agree to extradite her if such an appeal took place, and given that public opinion is very much in favor of her, I doubt they would.

2.  Apple released a “new” iPhone yesterday.  Not the hotly anticipated iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S.  It looks just like the iPhone 4, but apparently has a better camera and better OS which will make it run faster and work really well for people who like to play games on their phone.   Yawn.  I’m not an iPhone gamer and I don’t feel like the faster OS and slightly better camera is worth paying a couple hundred bucks to upgrade.  I think I’ll hold on to my 3GS until they come out with a bonafide iPhone 5.  I’m hoping that this is just a way for them to test drive the new software before deploying it (with some additional upgrades) on a redesigned phone next summer.  On a side note, this must have really sucked for the new CEO.  Even Jobs probably would have had a hard time selling this.   As one person tweeted: “iPhone 4S:  the ‘S’ stands for “So, that’s it?'”

3.  According to a hilarious study at the University of Maryland, men who cheat have a greater chance of breaking their penises than men who don’t cheat, because illicit sex is usually conducted in cramped quarters which many men don’t have the flexibility to handle.  Moral of the story?  If you’re going to cheat, do it in a bed 🙂

4.  Starting in January, my bank (Bank of America) is going to try to start charging me $5 per month to use my debit card.  This is all due to a law which limits how much banks can charge retailers per debit card transaction (it effectively halves the revenue they’ll get).  So now they’re going to make me pay to access my own money, which they are lending out and earning interest on when I’m not using it.  F that.  I’d switch banks, but apparently they’re all either doing it or planning to start, so I guess I’m going to have to start charging everything on my credit card and then just transferring funds each month so that, as usual, I never carry a balance.  Let Visa collect the extra fees when I use my card (and I’ll rack up points much faster this way anyway), I refuse on principal to pay even once cent to access my own cash.


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